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Guyanese Filmmaker Wins Award

Guyanese filmaker wins award for directorial début

ColinHarris - Awardguyana“My inspiration as a filmmaker and director is not for notoriety, or to jockey for a place in Hollywood. I just want to make great movies.”

These are the words of Colin Alwin Harris, a ferociously talented Guyanese-born artist, whose passion and hard work for entertaining audiences on the big screen, began with a big win at the Central Florida Film Festival, last year, when he received an accolade for his directorial début film “HAIMA,” that he also wrote, and produced.

The film, about peace, love and good American values, said Harris, according to a clip, is also about a dark and gritty tale about a young woman who embarks on a journey, to discover the truth about her tragic childhood. While searching for answers about her mother’s murder, her life changes dramatically as she is beaten into an amnesic state. The young woman battles for survival at the hands of her attackers.

The world premier of the 2016 film received rave reviews at the Central Florida Film Festival, cementing Harris’ determination and what he called his vivacious imagination and admiration for the cinematic arts and made in honor of all the classic action thrillers he watched passionately and religiously while growing up, and still watches today.

He was excited to make a movie filled with all the elements he found most compelling in film, richly layered with storytelling, action and suspense.

Harris, a young man, driven by his talent and inspired to showcase his brilliance, founded the Central Florida Institute of Technology, an educational institution that offers comprehensive and affordable certificate and degree programs in science and technology.

His stunning accomplishment after arriving in the United States from Georgetown, Guyana, just 27 short years ago, is a testament to his will to succeed.

After serving six years in the Unites States Air Force as a ground radar systems specialists / electronics technician at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, Harris graduated with a degree in electronics technology and business, and a Masters of Science degree in Management from Troy University, in addition to a MBA certificate in Leadership from Post University.

On top of his impressive work ethic, Harris still gives of his time to the Federal Aviation Administration Civil Service, where he is a dedicated member. In addition, he started his own production company Global Impact Empire Entertainment (GIEE) in 2002 that uses his business and technical skills.

GIEE specializes in video production and photography for commercial clients and weddings. Harris has also worked as a camera operator, photographer, editor, filmmaker, director, and the producer of a local magazine — Treasures of the Emerald Coast.

Harris’ non-stop energy and talent are the reasons for the 2004 “Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame Expo,” which he filmed and edited. He later directed and produced a 21-minute short film, titled “Flawed Proposal,” before assisting in the production of “Pui Chan: Kung Fu Pioneer,” in 2012.


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Local filmmakers on the big screen

Independent films, local and international, will be featured at the 11th annual Central Florida Film Festival. by: Jennifer Nesslar | Reporter

Originally published in the WEST ORANGE TIMES & OBSERVER – WEDNESDAY, AUG. 24, 2016  | See original here

Colin Harris

Colin Harris’ first feature-length film is darker than many other filmmakers’ firsts.

The movie, “Haima,” tells a story of a woman who, while searching for answers about her past, is brutally attacked by a man connected to an ex-lover. She must elude her attackers before they can finish her off.

“The reason why I decided to do this type of movie is because a lot of people, when they do their first film, try to do something more inspirational or uplifting,” Harris said. “I wanted to make sure, since I’m putting all this work into it, that I’m making a film for me. So I try to do a film that is in line with the type of movies that I like. So pretty much, if nobody else likes it, I would.”

Harris, an Orlando resident, leads a busy life as a husband, filmmaker, full-time employee with the Federal Aviation Administration and instructor of cinematic studies at Central Florida Institute of Technology.



FILMMAKER: Colin Harris

SHOWTIME: 7:35 to 10 p.m. Friday, Sept. 2, Theater 1

SYNOPSIS: After an attack set up by a former lover, a woman awakens to find she has amnesia.


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Haima is going to Brazil

Haima is going to brazil



We received this great news today. “We are pleased to announce that his film was selected for the main show MAC UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL.

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rollercoaster ride from the beginning to the end



Haima was a rollercoaster ride from the beginning to the end. There was never a dull moment and there was always action around the corner. With its unique style and sound, this movie stands out and is one to add the collection of classics.” 9/11/2016


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Truly a unique and exciting movie



“Haima was one of the most intensely exciting movies that I have ever watched. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Especially the ending with its unique finish that was like no other movie! Action packed and emotional, it was truly a unique and exciting movie that I’ll never forget. It was created by the master mind that is Colin Harris.” 9/10/2016


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