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rollercoaster ride from the beginning to the end



Haima was a rollercoaster ride from the beginning to the end. There was never a dull moment and there was always action around the corner. With its unique style and sound, this movie stands out and is one to add the collection of classics.” 9/11/2016


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Truly a unique and exciting movie



“Haima was one of the most intensely exciting movies that I have ever watched. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Especially the ending with its unique finish that was like no other movie! Action packed and emotional, it was truly a unique and exciting movie that I’ll never forget. It was created by the master mind that is Colin Harris.” 9/10/2016


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There are Moments that Will Take your Creath Away



“I had the pleasure is seeing Haima at this past weekend in Orlando, Florida. This is a very riveting, suspenseful, and fast-paced. It kept me on the edge of my seat. There are moments that will take your breath away and moments that will make you laugh. Great job on your first feature Colin. Can’t wait for your next project..” 9/5/2016


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I liked it



“I saw this movie last night. I liked it, for the fact it was a 70s grindhouse style film. Inge Uys was great in it. I loved the old detective character and the fact it was shot in Orlando. This town is a good place to produce films. Thank you Cemtral Florida Film Festival for showing this movie.” 9/3/2016


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Proud to have been a part of the finished product

Colin and Ken


“Great time Fri. Nite at the premiere of Haima. Got to see the work for the first time. Inge Uys really stepped up and was amazing in the lead role. J Benedict Larmore was a very convincing psycho working for a vicious brother, Anton Belevtsov. Everybody involved worked hard to make it happen, but none harder than Colin Harris, whose hand was on every step of the process. Proud to have been a part of the finished product.” 9/2/2016


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Your Dedication to your Craft is Evident in the Product.

Doug Lowe


Colin Harris just want to say that I am extremely excited and proud of you! It is always refreshing and motivating to share in an experience with someone who is fulfilling their passion. Your dedication to your craft is evident in the product. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it. You should be proud of yourself as well, this movie is a work of art!” 9/2/2016



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